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July 09, 2009


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Lisa Doget

How you and your family have grown! I still check in on the blog now and then, but have been so busy. I would still love to meet you and your kids. Logan has some mild delays so we have been busy with that diagnosis, but to tell you the truth I don't care. He is happy, healthy, loved, and getting the best in every way...the rest will be OK. I worry a bit now and then, but mostly enjoy. I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I get it. I am 38 and attending my 20 year reunion on Saturday...the years show much more since IVF, adoption, kids, life. You are more beautiful now than ever, because now you can see yourself as your children do. Blessings, Lisa Doget and family
(Marley, Logan, and Daddy Dave in the IE).


"I have been thinking lately that I need to make an effort to make every day count. I need to enjoy every smile and laugh with my kids. I need to concentrate on being healthy so that I can enjoy the next 40 years. I need to make certain that my husband knows that I love and appreciate him more every day. And I need to be thankful for the wonderful life that is mine."

I think you do all of those things and MORE...


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