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June 26, 2009


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I'd say spoiled - but it would only be because I'm jealous! Sounds like a sweet deal to me - can you have Ro call my hubs and tell him that's how it goes?

It is going to be good for you - 24/7 with the kids is HARD work, trust me I know!

Glad to hear you've adjusted so well being a SAHM, those kids are lucky to have you.


You truly DESERVE a day off! Being a SAHM is hard work, especially when you work as hard at it as you do. You are such a great mom to Lily and Noah.
It will be very, very good for you. The guilt will go away fairly quickly! ;)


You wouldn't want to see a doctor (no matter how brilliant) who worked or was on call 24/7. You wouldn't want to drive down the road next to a trucker who was on call 24/7. It will be good for you to have some small breaks every week or every other week. It's amazing what 4-5 hours can do.

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