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February 16, 2009


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What a sweetheart! My John is a good Daddy too - he'd much rather push a baby in the stroller or change Cookie Monsters diaper than play with his trucks :)

I'm so happy for you - what a year it's been!


I cannot believe that a year has passed since you brought Noah home! He has grown so much. He is turning into a polite little toddler! You are doing a great job Amanda!


He's a beautiful boy! He's grown up so much in this past year. And, if I may say, the love and nurturing he has received from you have helped to shape his wonderful character.


No way, Mandy. It's been a year? How did that happen? Both of your one year anniversary posts had tears streaming down my face. Because I know just how much you love them. Because I know just how wonderful it is to hear, "Mama?" or "I love you" from your child. Because I know just how sweet those moments are when you snuggle in the dark or when you get an award-winning smile just because you're mommy. Because I couldn't wait for you to know too. Congratulations, mommy. Noah and Lily are lucky to have you and Ro as parents.

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